Snak Race

February 11 – 29, 2020

For All Snak Air Pilots – We are giving away a total of 15000 Snaks, a TBM, and a FSE Cessna 182 courtesy of @alteffeight – If you fly to or from the following Snak Air FBOs you get a ticket into the raffle for the aircraft. The more profitable flights you do from or to these FBOs the more raffle tickets you get. These must be flown for Snak Air and again be profitable.

Qualifying FBOS include: U42, 44U, 74V, U34, KRIF, KHVE, KBDG, U07, U96, KBCE, U55, UT47, 1L8

BONUS: If both the departing and arriving airport are Qualifying FBO’s, you will receive 2 tickets for that flight!

1st Prize:




2nd Prize:



FSE Cessna 182!
Flights MUST be flown for SnakAir to qualify.
You must fly into and/or out of a qualifying SnakAir FBO in order to receive credit.
Flights MUST be profitable, and generate at least v$0.01 for SnakAir.

You MUST request your Snak payout and request to enter the drawings via a PM Discord message to JonFly. Requests (discord message) must be sent by March 1st 15:00:00 Zulu time.
If you do not request your payout, no payout will be given.
Drawing entries are not automatic. If you do not request entry into the drawing(s), you will not be entered.
One prize per pilot. If you win a prize, you are not eligible for additional prizes.
Do not hold jobs in excess of 6 hours.

Not a real aircraft, it is a virtual aircraft on Flight Sim Economy. No cash value.

“Snaks” have no cash value and may only be used on a JonFly stream, at the discretion of JonFly.

This is a hobby. By participating, user agrees to release all rights, claims, and first born, should the need arise. SnakAir retains the right to claim the Law of Surprise at its own discretion and when or if it deems necessary.

Note: Table data only reflects the number of qualifying flights to/from a SnakAir FBO for Feburary 11 – 29, 2020.